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What details do you need? We may be able to help out.
How about this.  Link me the resources you've read and post your questions too.
I'll look through the links and answer the questions as best I can.
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As far as I am concerned I posted some code which will run the AS1130 chip with 132 LEDs in the hope that other people would contribute their own efforts and we could all learn something.

This thread has turned into something completely different  :smiley-roll:

I don't have the time, inclination or skills to teach you C, C++ or any other kind of programming. The same goes for electronics.      

Most of the questions you have asked have been about basic programming or electronics not about my programme or the AS1130.

Many of your questions have already been answered in the software I spent ages commenting but you have either not bothered to read or don't understand because you lack the basic knowledge.

For instance:
so where do I have to put the as_config(CONTROLREGISTER, SHUTDOWNOPENSHORT, 0b00000011); without making loops all the time?

Just makes my blood boil....I have posted code that works well that is commented AND answers this question and there was also a discussion with funkyguy about why all the setting up was done in the setup function and not in the main loop...

This is even worse:
But where can I set those 400kb/s? Or are they automatically set?

I've posted links which would answer this question, but even if I couldn't be bothered...a simple "arduino fast mode" bunged into Google brings up millions of pages. You only need to look at the first 20.

I've already suggested that you do some basic experiments with an LED matrix before you get involved with a VERY, VERY complicated chip like the AS1130...you have ignored this and continue to ask questions that have already been answered or should not need to be asked in the context of this thread. Not knowing what the setup() and loop() functions are there for is not a good starting point if you want to programme an AS1130.

You don't have a clue about the Arduino IDE and as far as I can ascertain you don't own an Arduino of any kind.

I on the other hand do have an Arduino and know enough of the basics of programming it that I can get the AS1130 working all on my own...I did this by spending a long, long time reading the datasheet and using Google. There is a mountain of information on every aspect of the Arduino freely and easily available...all you have to do is read it. There are 1000's of knowledgeable people willing to answer any questions on any subject, all you have to do is ask.

You also don't appear to have a working AS1130, an LED matrix or a compiler that allows the inclusion of header files (I find that very hard to believe) and spend lots of your time wasting my time by asking questions you should already know the answer to, not responding to the answers and then asking more questions...I've already said in this thread what I think of this, I suggest you start at post 1 and read the whole thread again.

The bottom line is...AND I have said this before to you...get an AS1130 hooked up to an LED matrix, connect your driver MCU, programme it and come back and ask SPECIFIC questions about the AS1130 which I will gladly answer. If your MCU is an Arduino and you have problems I or someone else will try to help...but basic questions about setting up things like I2C DO NOT belong in this thread.
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Im with Hexadec on this one.
You can't work on a program or anything electronic without actually DOING it.
Electronics is logical but if you are a beginner such as yourself, its a lot to grasp so you might as well experiment.  Things may work for some reason without you knowing it.

As for my contributions with the AS1130, I'm having a hard time finding a soldering iron that actually freaking works.  I spent $50 on two soldering irons from radioshack, one never heat up, and the other wasn't sealed properly so it scorched itself.  Hate radioshack so much. 

I'll update when I FINALLY get one mounted.
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@ binarygod

Thank-you so much for your last post and for the apology.  ;)

I will spend as much time as I have trying to help you with your project and I have no wish to see you leave this thread at all.

I just hope that you understand why I posted my feelings above and why I was a bit annoyed.

Please feel that you can contribute to the thread as well when you get your matrix working...we don't want to be "liberated" from you at all!  :smiley-mr-green:

Now go on....ask me a question......I dare you..... ]:D ]:D

Take care mate, Roy
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As soon as you have the hardware set up we can work through it and get your project working. I'm sure funky will be up for that as well.  :smiley-mr-green:

Spend whatever time you have on enjoying learning the basics and worry about the AS1130 when you have one.... ;)
I'm allowed to have it 'cos it's not sharp.

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