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If you know how to send the data you want to the LCD, I don't understand why you can't route the same data to the serial monitor.

I can.  It just scrolls all over hell's half acre and is a pain to look at. I suspect if I had more knowledge with formatting the data on the com monitor I could get what I want.  I don't have the knowledge. I was looking for something a little easier.  As usual I wasted 10 hours looking for this "easy". :)
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If you are in Windows, you can use my modded ide:

It includes 'autoclear' in the monitor (if more than 1 second elapsed since last data) so you can add a "delay(1000);" in the moment you want to print a new screen for your outputs and keep them tidy and not lose any second (or 10 hours).
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With the knowledge I have all I get from the Arduino com port monitor is a scrolling mass of numbers.

Perhaps because that is all you are sending it. You can do better. Suppose you are using a ping sensor to get a distance. Of course, the simple thing to do is:
Code: [Select]
and a number will appear in the Serial Monitor. On the other hand, you can do:
Code: [Select]
Serial.print("distance = ");

and the number will appear, after some descriptive text that describes what the value is.

That hardly seems like rocket science, or a reason for a new Serial Monitor application.


@PaulS you've obviously not tried this yourself as this will scroll too.
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Yes, it scrolls. What you need to do is only send data when it is meaningful to do so. Perhaps only send distance (in Paul's example) when it changes.

Alternatively, use a terminal emulator that supports cursor movement, then you could position output as you wanted. I believe PuTTY supports VT100 control codes, and probably others.

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