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A delay of 110 milliseconds resulted in failure. I have set it to delay(150).

TIM7, without a serial LCD how did you know the code was working on the Arduino Pro?



OK, I'm an idiot.

It is not the Optiboot that is the problem but the serial LCD. The LCD on power up or reset goes thru a startup sequence. Sending characters to it before the sequence completes ends in hangup. I need the delay for that reason. I should have known that because I wrote the serial LCD code, though it was 2 years ago.

The Optiboot is fine.


Ah hah!  Thanks for the update...


Doesn't the PHA  LCD#117 serial display 'backpack' use a PIC16F1827? I have several of the kits, unused because I found a Much better one from Liudr here in the forum. Liudr's "Backpack" will handle a 4 X 4 Keypad, and a sounder or buzzer too any configuration of LCD can be handled too I've used them on 2 X 16 to 4 X 20 and a few odd ones too.  Much better product. I have 2 or 3 of the PCB's and 3 Kits, all unused that I will never use as they really don't give much "Bang for the Buck". I'll probably donate them to a tech school that can use them.

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The #117 has a beeper connection and a command that works.

I have found that the #117 is erratic at 9600 baude and a emulation I wrote for the PIC 16F886 works fine. I expect the Atmega328P should work also.

Ultimately, I will use this serialLCD in a process controller.

I have looked at the product you mentioned, but the info he provides is sketchy and I don't wish to buy one to determine how well it works.

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