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I am looking for proposals to have someone:

Design and develop a link between two ATMega168 chips. The project must include:

  • Parts list for necessary hardware including component pricing and source

      -Data only needs to be sent one way
  • Wiring diagram to connect components to chip

      -Ideally SMD components or through-hole
  • Programming to transmit 11 bit word to receiver

      -Must compile in Arduino software
  • Packets to check integrity of transmission

  • Optimize power consumption

      -Distance will seldom exceed 6m
  • May use SPI

NOTE:The project is currently being developed on the Arduino Mega 2560(ATMega328 chip) however will be used on ATMega168. Code should work on both platforms with minor to no modifications.

Ideal proposal would include:

  • Project bid cost

  • Cost per unit to add tx/rx transmission

  • Time to complete

This should be a fairly easy gig for anyone who has experience unfortunately since I don't have the time, I need a complete package from someone.


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