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Hi I am new to arduino and electronics, but I have an Idea and a need for a project.

I need to have an application that can send a message to a led or bunch of leds and have them blink and change colour.

I would ideally like to write the application in C#.The application would be accessed by other apps. E.g I get an email and the email program would send a message to my app and it would make the led bling green.I downloaded a file and the app would make the leg flash red,blue,yellow.

So I need some advice what hardware do I need, How do I do this and is it even possible.

Thank you for your help and patience.


So I need some advice what hardware do I need

An Arduino, an LED, a resistor, and a USB cable.

Don't worry about the wireless part until the wired way works.

Then, you'll need to tell us a lot more about range, data volumes and frequency, and loss-tolerance. And budget.

How do I do this and is it even possible.

It is possible. What do you need help with? The Arduino simply reads serial data, and does something based on what it reads. Only you know what you are sending it (or are planning to send it). Only you know how fast, and for how long, the LED should blink.
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Thanks for the info I have bought a book and checked on line for some examples and am busy learning a way lol.

I will let you know once I get stuck.

Thanks for the info and help :)

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