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I'm wanting to use capsense library, and have been playing around this in the past, and its worked pretty well. Working on a project now and go back and search for capsense code and its changed significantly, looked pretty interesting so I tried it out but its not as sensitive and don't see how it can be made more sensitive, doing a bit of a search and it seems that the old capsense code links all point to this new code, http://arduino.cc/playground/Code/CapacitiveSensor?from=Main.CapSense
So my question is
1) does anyone know how to make this more sensitive, I want to use it for proximity not direct touch. ( actualy its touch though a couple of layers of 3mm opaque perspex)
2) where is the old code and information, looking at the history it doesn't look like this code was ever the old capsense code that I know and used i.e. #include <CapSense.h>


this looks different:

i use a capacitance multiplier (with a BJT):


thanks RIDDICK
the mulitpler looks very cool. I'll try it out

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