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Guys, i have a question about a configuration

I want controll a load at 12V 6A~(more later 12A~ same 12V)

I think in use a mf driver Max18v, 9A peak, 2A continuos

Mosfet N, i dont now the correct model yet....sow many in the market, 30V 40A ?
Caras estou com uma dúvida cruel, preciso de ajuda em algumas coisas relacionadas a driver/mosfet

The driver build - http://reipooom.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/fetdriver1fixed.jpg

I think, its safe ? Works fine ?



From a low cost standpoint, I would probably go with a logic-level N channel mosfet. This would allow me to switch the load between ground or open circuit (which would actually have a flyback diode of course). http://electronics-diy.com/electronic_schematic.php?id=1020

You could also switch the power supply to the circuit, commonly done using a P channel mosfet (but possible with an N channel). http://www.irf.com/product-info/hexfet/ips.html

If you have problems getting logic-level mosfets, then the mosfet driver is the way to go, such as the one you have mentioned. There are other needs that require mosfet drivers as well.



Those things aren't nearly as good as they look up front. Typically the channel
resistance is high, and the packages will overheat.

As GS mentioned, much better to go with a logic-level n-chan MOSFET. For
6A current, you really want one with very low channel resistance, and look
for the spec to say 40-50A or more, not 9A. Then you're on the safe side, and
overheating will be minimal. 

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