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Hi, I tested this tutorial on this page http://www.kerrywong.com/2010/08/19/pov-and-pov-image-encoder/. and happy with the results. but ..... if you see the image below
creates a kind of effect envudo swirl by letters tend to deformarce, DISPONERCE in circurlar formed

I want to make it so. letters aligned, not inclined letters with repect to the ground perpencular real.

I think that the encoding of the image bytes, could make in a circular, not horizontally. I can be if I do understand.

photo 1. is encoded horizontally, ie each column represents 2bytes, total LEDs, 16 LEDs (8 * 2 = 2 bytes). barilla ie the LED is "" moves horizontally "." along the image.

that's why, "I", which creates this effect funnel, swirling letters. to be designed for a horizantal coding, while in reality, the Barilla no moves horizontally, but ciercular.

How could encode an image to bytes in a circle??, Some algorimo?, Or that otherwise could be done?


Ithink you do it by having your image/words in cartesian coordinates and then converting to polar coordinates when you send the image to the led's. The led's sort of represent polar coordinates as the spin round. Think the conversion is quite easy and available in a lot of maths books.


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