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I need help tuning my quadcopter PID. I've been doing weeks of research, YouTubing, and testing. I have been able to get decent results from my work, but I can't pass up the opportunity to ask for help from experienced tuners in order to achieve optimal results. I have no intention of altering the system I'm using; just the PID values. If you're interested in helping me, I can imagine questions are flooding your head right now. I will try to answer as many of them as I can preemptively:

The program I am using is my own (there goes 50% of the readers of this post  :smiley-mr-green:). The good news is I've seen my quad balance itself on a single axis testing environment as well as out in my back yard. The bad news is this balancing takes too much time, and as a result, the back yard flights don't last too long...  :D

On to the PID system. For each axis of the quad I have a PID controller that uses the respective gyro sensor rate for input, and the output is determined by a setpoint rate. In order to determine the PID gain values for these gyro-based controllers I used a wireless transmitter to determine the setpoint. After tuning P gain and D gain (I gain being 0), I added new PID controllers to "replace" the transmitter. Each of the new controllers uses the combined efforts of the gyro sensor and an accelerometer with pitch in degrees as input. The setpoint pitch is determined by the transmitter, and the output value is the setpoint of the gyro-based controllers.

In summary, I have four PID controllers; two gyro-based controllers that set the rate of each axis, and two pitch-based controllers that determine the setpoint of the gyro-based controllers. As I said before, I have gotten decent results with this system, and I have no intention of altering it. I only need help tuning the gain values of the four controllers in order to achieve optimal performance.

Is anyone willing to help me?
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