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I want to create a device that I can receive data from onto my tablet. basically the device will be submerged underwater and will send info to my tablet which will be located out of the water. I am planing on having several of these devices sending info simultaneously to the tablet which will gather info.


My 2 cents
As far as I can remember from my science classes you can easily send signals in water.
The problem is that you want to go from water to air.
My thinking is you only need 1 device that converts a water signal to a air signal.
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Your requirement is too vague.
How much data and at what speed?
VLF communication with submarines is fairly well understood and robust, but data rates are measured in bits or fractions of bits per second, and requires antennae tens of kilometres long.
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You'll probably need much lower-frequency waves (kHz range) than standard wireless transmission (which might be 2.4 Ghz or several hundred Mhz), if you want to transmit data underwater without significant attenuation/absorption.

Maybe try ultrasound?

Or if it's just a short distance and you don't need 100% reliability of data transmission, you can maaaybe get by with Xbee 868 Mhz, or even better 434 or 315 Mhz transmitters, like these:

Or how about somehow integrating an IR-LED-based transmission?

More information, regarding your exact application, would be helpful to give better answers.

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