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Do you have CM17a that will turn x10 devices on and off on its own? It stores the x10 commands that are executed at a particular time daily/weekly without another controller? If so, tell me how... Do you know what CP290 is?

Well, I did some checking for info on the CP290 and I do remember when it was made and sold a long time back. It appears to now be extinct and no longer available, so anybody duplicating you project will probably have difficulty obtaining the CP290. If you still have one, then your project will work for you. For those looking for a similar (and possibly less expensive)  x10 project, I'd just have an arduino/mega hold the programming instead of the CP290, and control the x10 modules by connecting the cm17a (~$8 on ebay) to the arduino and use the x10 TM751 transceiver (~$13) as the house wiring interface. I web controlled some x10 stuff a long time ago using the apache web server on a pc with the cm17a attached. Add an ethernet shield and web control could also be added. The below site has a lot of cm17a info, including the serial control protocol. The bottom site has a somewhat over priced basic cm17a x10 control setup.


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I apologize but you are missing the big picture..

I have a CP290 and it interfaces via RS232 to my PC with a vintage windows' program. It is not involved in my project at all.

1- When it fails as my CP290 did back in the 90s did there is no replacement available. (So if you can't buy it -make it!!!) this is why I'm doing this project.
2- If I want a command to turn off a light at midnight I send a rs232 message with that command to do that off command and the CP290 stores that command. So each and every night at midnight off goes the light. When I typically turn off my PC at 11PM I know the light will still go off at midnight because the CP290 is a standalone controller.

I sincerely hope you understand that concept.

The CM17a is NOT a controller with command memory which holds commands within its memory it is a PC communication device only. Your link to the CM17a description never says it stores commands because the seller lets you believe you can controller your x10 system with a  PC and doesn't tell you that your PC must be "ON" to do it with their software after midnight. The CP290 is a true command controller!!! Oh by the way, try to get help form the x10 website either by phone or email after you buy a CM17a, LOL. CM17a or any x10 Communicator you have suggested is NOT a STANDALONE command memory controller.

I guess I have assumed that most people will understand the problem. I thought I explain it clearly on the Home page, um.
Should I do a webpage just to explain this dilemma .

Today I have a fully functioning x10 system with ONs, OFFs and Alarms with a CP290 and no PC is powered on. I'm making a 'CP290 "2.0" with an Arduino' controller as a REPLACEMENT UNIT. That's it.

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Well to get back to facts, I posted "I've got a couple of the below cm17a firecrackers saved back for future x10 projects." Then based on that statement, you flipped out and started a strange rant about the cm17a not being a standalone controller, not operating on its own, yada yada, yada... You generated that stuff in your head, as I never claimed the cm17a had any of those capabilities. I think I have a good understanding of what you are trying to do (replace the CP290 functions with an arduino?). I looked at your project and there seems to be an unaddressed gap as to how the arduino will interface with the 120vac system in your house. In my project ideas the cm17a setup would provide an inexpensive, safe (isolated), and portable interface between the arduino and the 120vac house wiring. 
Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.   8)


There are several other ways to skin that cat without resorting to the CP290.

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Excellent Mr. bHogan!

Thank you very much for your link. You understand me. I'm going to consider using the CM17a/TM751 combo after this weekend as communicator it seems somewhat safer than the TW523.

I would like permission to use that picture, http://brohogan.blogspot.com/search/label/Home%20Automation, if would allow me. I'll reference you and your blog site on my website, www.ecoXsaver.com. If you say okay.

Lots and lots of good x10 ideas, solutions.

Never the less, I enjoyed my interchange with Zoomkat in any case.

Thank you, sir.

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