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I want to know the difference between pwm and direction pin of motor driver board. I want to connect 10amp motor driver board with atmega 8a 32pin. Atmega 8a has 3 pins for PWM.


PWM sets the speed. The direction pin sets the polarity of the motor output and is usually connected to a digital output.


Thanks. But there is only 1 direction pin in motor driver board. Motor can rotate in 2 directions. How only 1 pin manage this ?


Don't you have any documentation for the motor driver board? Generally, you set the direction pin low for one direction and high for the other.


Yes I have the datasheet. It says:-

GND - connect to GND on controlling board
DIR - Pulled down to GND Forward by default and Backward when 5V (logic high)
PWM - Pulse Widht Modulation input to control speed of motor (recommended freq 20Hz to
BRK - breaking input to halt the motor in operations when 5V (logic high)
5V - regulated 5V output from motor driver board (maximum 50mA supply)


How I can set the Direction of motor with Values HIGH and LOW in C programming ? :(



Try working through some examples on the tutorial pages.

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