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Finally I have some time to post my own project.

From an Arduino standpoint it may not be overwhelmingly complicated but it was quite an effort to bring it to this relatively finished look and function.

The attached image shows how it is installed in my house and of course is rather static ( the image that is). I started documenting it on a little blog trippylighting.com that has a little YouTube video embedded and will have some more info on it soon.

The controller is not an Arduino but a Teensy++ 2 as I needed more flash memory due to the libraries I am using. The LEDs are 700mA Luxeonstar rebel RGB LEDs. Each RGB led is connected to a Hi Power RGB Led shield. http://neuroelec.com/hp-rgb-led-shield/ver-2-0-manual/. While these are shields that you can stack on top of an Arduino they only communicate through I2C with it and due to the very different form factor of the Teensy++ I have used Cat5 cable to connect all the LED driver shields to the Teensy.
Connected to the Teensy++ is a WIZ812 Ethernet module which in turn connects by means of a little Ethernet cable to a little TP-Link WR703n WiFi router to be able to remotely control the functions from an iPhone

I started this with the "normal" Arduino IDE but have merged over the code to use with the Arduino Eclipse Plugin and Eclipse. This is a beta version of the plugin that will support The Teensy boards when released.
I am using the DHCP/Bonjour libraries to connect an iPhone and iPad to the lighting system in true ZeroConf fashion. The ArdOSC library provides OSC protocol function and in conjunction with the TouchOSC I can remotely control the lighting system.

The color changing sequence is in essence a 3D Bresenham algorithm. I randomly draw a line through that color space.

That's it for now. I will provide more details soon on my little blog trippylighting.com


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