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I'm having a hell of a time finding a 90 degree angle simple male header here in the UK.

Can anyone tell me if this one is okay to use with the Arduino Pro Mini? Or is it only good for the Arduino Lillypad?


Please forgive me, I'm a newbie!


Okay what I've done is just buy a breakaway header that I apparently can use. However, instead of connecting the Arduino Pro Mini directly to the Bluetooth Mate Silver, I would like to do so with a cable connector.

What I need to know therefore is what sort of cable to use? Obviously there will be 6 wires, but I don't know what its called. Anyone know?

Thanks guys.


I use things like these

I've seen similar on e-bay with 40 conductor ribbon cable with a single pin housing on each wire on each end.
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Thank you. I guess I'll try and make my own ribbon using some of those cramping connector things with some wire.


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