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Hi all!
I want to run the atmega 328 at 3.3V and 8mhz external clock.
So i figured, that I will use my programmer(usbasp) and connect it to the ICSP pins on the arduino uno, and burn the bootloader
for arduino pro mini (3.3V and 8mhz).
However, I am unable to do this because there are no options in the arduino IDE to burn bootloader using a programmer.

Some tutorials say that there should be a dropdown menu for the burnbootloader in tools, like
tools>burnbootloader>using usbasp  , but I just see tool>burnbootloader.
So is there a way around this problem?


The menu item above this is says "Programmer" go into that and select your programmer from the list first.


the menu layout is different.

What between a Mac and PC?



Got it
Arduino 1.0.1 does not have that option, selecting the programmer and correct board, and then just clicking burn bootloader works.
It takes a lot of time though, so i thought there might be a problem.

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