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anyone know where I can buy this type of buzzer? (buzzer used in a lipo battery alarm). the buzzer is small but really loud.
worse case I can just buy the lipo alarm ($1.88 and it comes with two buzzers) and just remove the buzzer.


Yes Here: $0.25 Ea.

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thanks. I have that type, its not the same. nowhere near as loud as the one in lipo alarm. this one is not just a cylinder shape. it has a small rectangular opening on one side (pointing away from the pcb in the picture).

if you have ever triggered your smoke detector alarm, its about that loud.


That is an electromagnetic buzzer (as opposed to piezo). Your specific buzzer appears to be made by Qinlon (qinlon.com).

Here's an alternative, but still 90dB:



ah, thanks, I should have thought of googling the label on the buzzer.


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