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I recently a few IMU boards


And an Arduino Leonardo


I followed the wiring diagram.

I downloaded the FreeIMU library


I change the code for the correct Serial port and IMU board as suggested.

BUT... The Arduino IDE serial monitor shows nothing.

I did a little debuging and found out that it is stuck at:
... more specifically at

I read tens of threads and followed all the recommendations. Nothing worked


As last resource I bought a new board but still didnt work :-(

Any suggestions?


Well, if you followed the connection diagrams for the Arduino UNO available on bildr, then it won't work..

The leonardo has the I2C bus on different pins compared to the UNO.. You will just have to use the SDA and SCL pins which are available on the leonardo (near D13) and not the A4 and A5 like in the UNO.

Hope this helps,

Fabio Varesano

p.s.: oh.. and next time get a FreeIMU!


How exactly have you wired it up?  Which wiring diagram?  What voltage did you power the IMU board from?  Which IMU board of the 3 did you use?  Did the wiring diagram say "Arduino Leonardo"?
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