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Hello everybody,

I want to buy a camcorder to film a documentary of my sister's wedding in Livingston and I want to know the best camcorder to get. Please give some idea to choose a best best digital camcorder. I hope all friends are cooperating with me and share your viewpoint that will do my best.

John Hassen  :)


It depends on your budget. The best best is probably one of these - http://www.red.com/products - but they are way outside the budgets of most of us.

Nick Gammon

The relevance of this to Arduino is ... what?

There are lots of forums about camcorders.

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I think the fourth post is the one with spam.  In other words, wait for it...

Nick Gammon

I want to buy a camcorder to film a documentary of my sister's wedding in Livingston  ...

What is your sister's name?


The camcoder Advice from uC player here would be get a good clicking cam that has LANC protocol supported or anyother USART type of interface so that you can also connect it to some Microcontroller like Arduino and control a whole lot of beautiful functions of your cam in the way you haven;t even Imagined yet.
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Earlier this year, an independent film was being made down the street from where I was working. I was surprised that they were using these:


Nice, but a bit outside my budget, though.

Well independent film doesn't always mean financed with no budget using a super-8 film camera (in the old days) or consumer camcorder.

Note, since it has a super 35mm sensor instead of the 1/3" or similar sensor in smaller cameras, it means it has more options for controlling depth of field which can be critical in the artistic vision of the film.  The camera also has a bunch of other features needed in high end movie production.

Also, many times you would rent such gear for the limited time you are in production, instead of owning it outright.

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