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If this is also part of dinner that's ready, i'm not sure if i like this particular dish.

What does anyone else think of the new front page layout?


Jonathan Oxer

Don't jump to conclusions! I'm sure that's a temporary "splash" page that will be replaced by the proper home page when the new design launches.

I really like those new colours, by the way, and the packaging design concept shown on Massimo's blog post look fantastic.
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Yep i like those new colours as well.
The new packaging looks nice too. But i can't remember what was wrong with the old style packaging. The anti static bag my arduino's came in was (presumably) cheaper and got the job done.



I don't see the reason for changing the page though. Why not just add some extra text and images to the existing page and then change the whole thing once the new products are released.


I cant see all of the front page on my 1024*600 netbook screen with firefox.
The way its done doesnt allow me to scroll the web page so the top and bottom are outside of the browser window.
Unless I expand the browser window to full screen.
Not good if the new site is going to have a similar design.

Works great on my Android HTC hero smartphone in dolphin.



The new packaging looks nice too. But i can't remember what was wrong with the old style packaging

true... i should agree... i hope this doesn't affect the trees in costa rica ;)


I cant see all of the front page on my 1024*600 netbook screen with firefox.

Same here on a 1024*576 netbook screen. That was the main reason i don't like it that much. Also the links to the playground, reference etc. are gone.



My 22" forces the front page into an internal scroll, which makes it look sort of poorly done (no offense). Quick fix would be just making the wrapping box a tad longer.

Also - the new logo looks pretty nice :)


I really, sincerely, with all my heart - hope that -that- box - isn't the final "front page". I remember better web sites in the mid-1990s that looked better.

If it is - it will only serve to make the Arduino site a "laughing stock" of the web.

I hope they didn't pay that web designer, because they got hosed for their money.

On my system - running Firefox 3.6, Ubuntu 9.10 (22" widescreen LCD @ 1680x1050) - I see a box that barely takes up not even a fourth of the page, grey all around, and the box -scrolls-! WTF?!


They say the new design is supposed to occur on the keynote @3-4pm on Sunday - at which point the new site/layout/blog will be shown/announced.

They better have all their ducks in a row, they better not lose one single message from this forum, they better have a proper migration and backup strategy (and fallback plan) - so if anything goes wrong, they can revert the site.

Do they? Does anybody know? If they are doing radical changes...

I say all of this from the perspective of someone who is currently employed by a local Phoenix, AZ web application development company; when we migrate a client from an old site to a new site, we have a multi-step, multi-part process we go through to ensure a successful migration; we back up all client data, we test the heck outta everything on our dev system, we migrate the changes and such to a "staging" area for client approval (I have yet to see that here!), and once approved for correctness, it is moved into "production". Everything is backed up along the way (dev is kept sane via SVN, staging is backed up before a migration from dev, and production is backed up before a migration from staging).

If this isn't done right (and I've seen it happen to other forums - anybody remember the changes to Slashdot or Fark?) - you end up losing members, sometimes in droves...

Good luck with the migration?

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I don't like what they did with Processing's forum either. As I eventually crawled into a full membership, they moved on to some place that is hard to navigate and I had to re-register, losing everything.

I did my time on this forum and I want to have my effort recognized in my senior membership status. Poof, gone, if the arduino people followed processing people once again.
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