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Hello everybody.
First of all sorry for my bad english (i'm not so good at it).

So, i want to know how the eeprom read and write work. I know it's explained in the site and i understant it. However i don't really get how it work in fact, just how could i say it to send me the eeprom when i connect it to my computer, actually, it's not like a computer when you can choose what program you want to run. So how do i have to do? Do it have some variable which can tell me if i was connect or no?
Other question where will he send out the data ?

Thank you for your help


i understant it. However i don't really get how it work in fact

Seems to me that means you didn't understand it.

EEPROM is a storage area which retains its values when the Arduino is powered off or reset. Your sketch can write values to the EEPROM and read them back. That's all it does.

If you want to be able to read/write to the EEPROM from a computer, you'd need to write a sketch that received commands from the computer, did whatever read/write operation was defined in the command and then sent back any response you needed. There is a whole section of the forum focusing on ways to communicate between a PC and your Arduino, and that part of the problem has nothing to do with the EEPROM.

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