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I have a remote for my ceiling fan/light combo, and I want to control the 5 buttons from my uno r3. Feasible? I looked at the schematics, and have played around with a multi-meter checking the different spots out on the board. Not really sure where to start making connections from the arduino in order to trigger anything. If this isn't possible, let me know, but at minimum I know I could trigger this with relays from a couple spots on the board, I just didn't want to use relays if I didn't have to.
Schematics are on fcc.gov, so they won't let me hotlink, but heres how to get to the schematic:

Click 'Detail' link, then the schematic link.

Thanks in advance.


You could just control the 5 buttons with optocouplers.

Look at this, i't almost what you want:


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