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Hello everyone!

A little background on me:
In the past year I have built an aquaponics greenhouse, farm, and plant nursery.  www.mainstreetfarms.com www.facebook.com/mainstreetfarmsny
I live on the farm and work here 24/7.  After 18 months of construction and growing I am thinking I need a vacation soon.  The problem is having someone as dedicated as me watching the greenhouse while I am away.  Hence me wanting a greenhouse monitoring system that I can see from my iphone and will send me alerts.  Data logging would be nice but not necessary. 

Here are the basics of what I am looking for:
water temp monitor for three tanks
water level monitor for three tanks
a way to know if my air blower(oxygen for fish) goes out
power outage alarm
air temp monitor

The non basics:

Also, if there are open slots for future sensors that I might like to add would be cool. 
The system does not have to be fancy, plug and play (I don't want to do any programming),and easy to use for me.  I am open to any kind of design. 
If you are interested in the project drop me a line with some design ideas a price quotes.


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