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I have 2 midi devices that are Arduino based and each uses an Arduino Mega. It's a little confusing when they are plugged in because both show up on my computer as "Moco for Lufa 1" or "Moco for Lufa 2" and it really has nothing to do with what order they are plugged in, as either one could be device 1 or 2. It's a little confusing, but not that big a deal as each one is on a different midi channel.

However I am now considering adding a third Arduino based midi controller to my setup and it might get really confusing to have them all have the same name. Is there something I can add to my code that will enable me to change what name my computer will call this device when I plug it in?

Thank you in advance for any help.



Ok, I guess this might be something people don't know how to do. Just checking again incase anyone might have any input or be able to lead me in the right direction.

thank you again, Nick


I think this is a common problem in Windows when you have multiple identical MIDI devices (e.g. 2 or 3 identical keyboards). Windows distinguishes them by just adding a number and as you have discovered it doesn't always assign the same number to the same device. The only sure way I can think of to get around it would be if you have the ability to change the actual device name within the MIDI device. i.e. if you can get at the device software and change "Moco for Lufa" to "Moco for Lufa A" in one of them and "Moco for Lufa B" in the next etc.
A less certain way would be to always power each device up in the same order and power them down in the reverse order but Windows will probably find a way to screw that up too.



You are using the Mega as a USB MIDI device? It sounds like you are and if so the channel the midi is on is irrelevant as each device have 16 channels. Do yo have a separate midi interface using the standard 'old' 5 pin din? This is what you would use if you wanted then all on the same device i.e the midi interface. That's what midi 'thru' was for to pass channel information onto the next device. Sound like you a bit confused as to how midi works.


Hi again,

Thank you for all your replies. Sorry I left out some details. I am using 2 arduinos now going into a USB hub, and that goes into my computer USB port, which is a Mac. No midi cables, or thru devices used at all.  The arduinos are on different Midi Channels and everything is working. They show up as Moco for Lufa 1 and Moco for Lufa 2, which is annoying, but I can work with it. In terms of midi in this is not a big deal since the devices are on separate midi channels. For midi out it's annoying because, even though they are on separate channels, I have to send the midi out message to both devices. Part of the problem is I am using Maxmsp and you have to specify the device for midi out. To be sure it works I just send out messages to both devices. FYI I'm sending digital out messages to turn on and off LEDs.

I can see that as I make more devices, which I want to do, this will get more confusing. I just wanted to know if there is anyway to give Arduino midi controllers a unique name. This would be very helpful and if anyone has any insight please let me know.

thanks again for your help.


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