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Grumpy Mike,

Wow, that is an incredible interface. Thank you so much for the info and I enjoyed reading about that interface. I'm going to find a friend with a windows machine and try that out.

thanks, Nick


You are using the Mega as a USB MIDI device? It sounds like you are and if so the channel the midi is on is irrelevant as each device have 16 channels. Do yo have a separate midi interface using the standard 'old' 5 pin din?

The original poster is using MIDI-over-USB, not MIDO over 5-pin DIN connectors. However, unless you have come across MOCP for LUFA before it would be easy to miss that.

This is what you would use if you wanted then all on the same device i.e the midi interface. That's what midi 'thru' was for to pass channel information onto the next device.

MIDI over USB does not chain like that. On the other hand, each device has an actual name, rather than being described as 'whatever MIDI interface' that you plugged it into.

Sound like you a bit confused as to how midi works.

That conclusion does not really follow. It is increasingly common for MIDI devices to connect over USB.


Look at the end of this project for changing the name of a USB device

Really nicely documented! I'm vaguely aware of OSC but it looked scarily complicated compared to MIDI so I am starting with MIDI. Despite the fact that one of the controllers I'm building can't really use MIDI as the note-on note-off style is inappropriate for continuous pitch controllers.

I will have a read of your project and see if OSC might be an option for that part.


Yes i know, or think i do/did. I wasnt impliying that you use usb midi in a thru configuration. But as i understand you are creating a midi device as such each device has sixteen channels of midi avalable to it. By adding another device you are adding sidteen more but on a, seperate, midi network. They they are connected via th sequancer. Cubase can run hundreds of channels of midi but they are in groups of sixteen via seprate devices. So as i said you will only get a channel conflict if youre on th swme device. If i,m wrong and the device you are using actualy represents just one channel, but you would still have a common device. Maybe youre right.

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