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Does any know where I can find (online, preferably North American continent) an aluminium tube with an OD of 0.75" an ID of 0.44" or less and a diameter tolerance of .005 or less?  :smiley-roll:



Google aluminum tube, lots of hits, for example
Read the spec sheet for tolerances. 0.005 feet? inches? yards? I'm sure one of those units can be made to work 8)
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I wouldn't expect it to exist either. You're talking about tolerances that are as tight as DOM steel tubing in a material that has double the coefficient of thermal expansion. Something like this would have to be machined.

So... are you building a non-ferrous firearm?


Well I searched for hours yesterday, but to my surprise, I could not find ANY 0.75" OD tube with less than 0.5" ID!

This is for a hot-melt (250°F) glue nozzle. I wanted Al for its thermal conductive properties. I even considered brass, but I could only find sources the right size in India and China.

I finally ordered a DOM tube from onlinemetals.com this morning. I can live with a slower warm-up time, it is just not ideal.

Thanks for the help though!


Get some .75" solid bar and have it drilled down the center.

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Yes that could work too! Thank you.


How Long? Getting a piece of 3/4 aluminum bar and drilling and reaming would not be a major problem, depending on how long you need it. Could even force a 7/16 ball bearing down it to burnish the ID and make it smoother.


Thanks kf2qd. I already got my DOM steel tube, but I will bear that in mind for future needs. The length was about 9 inches.

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