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Hi!! First I am thankful to those who took time to read and reply!! :D

Just to clarify my problem:
I am talking about adobe flash... I want to use the flash with firmeta to use my arduino mega 2560 ADK as I wish :) . I have already made a quite a big program in the Arduino sketch where I use a serial monitor like putty to send and receive information to and from the Arduino Mega. But the serial monitor lacks the friendly GUI that I want.... So I wanted adobe flash to be used to drive the pins of arduino :)

-Which adobe flash is best to be used to do this?  (Asking this cuz there are a lot of Adobe Flash programs like builder and stuff... I would be grateful if you could give me a name and a website to the correct program and version :)

- My other question is, can I use the PWM pins (2-13) of the Arduino Mega to analogWrite(,) using Adobe Flash?


Hi, very kind of you to offer me the help :)
first of all, to use your help, I would require the correct version and name of the adobe flash so that I can buy and install it asap. I already have macromedia flash 8... but I dont think thats enough ner... :)

I will require help in communicating the flash buttons with the arduino board... I have seen some videos where a person edits the 'XML code' of the button in adobe flash and blinks an LED on the board!!  amazing!! just wanted to do that myself and do dimming of and LED using may be a slider or something :)


FLASH 8 supports AS2

If you want to use AS3 in your solution, then you would need CS3 or above at least..

If you go AS3 route.. your on you own!  lol..  (I cant help much)

Again.. I cant help you with the flash side of things.. until you pick a 'solution' out there you are comfortable with.

ie: we dont how to send the data to the 3rd party solution you eventually decide to use....until you choose one. :)



for the FLASH side of things..

I dont think any of the flash builders will do or be as flexible as you want/may need them to be in this project.

I would shoot for straight Adobe FLASH...

as for which one.. I suppose that depends on the 'bridging' software you end up using.

I have never attempted this myself yet.. but skim articles on it when i see them.

I have seen more AS3 than AS2  (ActionScript) out there I believe.


Are you trying to use this FLASH GUI 'locally' on your machine?
(ie: you have the flash.swf on your desktop... and the Arduino connected to the same machine via USB/SERIAL?)

or you trying to add more into the mix by having this FLASH GUI be located on the 'internet' and accessible to anyone with a web connection?

Seems like the former, but I wanted to be clear.

That being said.. Im not well versed in AS3, but I can hold my own in AS2 ;)...

Flash does not have a way to communicate to serial, databases, write files..etc...etc.. itself..   it always needs some 3rd party 'bridge' (server side script...something).. like PHP, ASP, CGI..etc... to take this 'data/info' FLASH is sending.. and do whatever it is you need done with it...

(in your case, you'd be sending out the data/info from your flash movie/app to some sort of 'handler', that in turn will support serial communication and output it for your Arduino that is waiting/listening for these serial commands/data)

make sense?

Have you researched on any pre-existing Flash solutions for this?

You mention firmeta (firmata).. and I think AS3glue is another?

here is a link that be helpful:


I can help with the flash side of things, once you get that far.  :)


Yes, I will be using the swf file locally in the same machine as the arduino is connected to.

I was planning to use:
-- firmata as the code to run on the arduino... as it says 'never upload a single code to arduino again' :)
-- serproxy/tinkerproxy as the socket server
-- Glue as the flash socket library... which uses AS3
-- And finally, I got no clue about the flash code...

The above stuff can change as you're comfortable with :) I am simply glad that someone decided to help :)

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