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@jdforlife, I'm a long time Adobe Flash developer. I recently started playing with Arduino.

These are options I think you can use to interact with Adobe Flash based app with your Arduino board:

1. Add WiFi / Ethernet sheild to your board, and add TCP server listener on Arduino. Now when you connect your PC and Arduino board to same network, you can connect from Flash's XMLSocket using AS2 or AS3, and send/recieve custom commands and data on realtime TCP connection.

2. Connect your Arduino to PC using USB connection and program it to send recevice data over serial port. Write a lib in .net or win32 (c++ / vc / vb6 / etc) that connects to serial port. Use Adobe AIR 3+ runtime which now supports native OS libraries calls. Now you can initialize serial connection from your AIR app and control your board from there.

3. Just like AIR option, there are some third-party Flash projector (i.e. SWF2EXE) makers. I personally like MDM Zinc http://www.multidmedia.com/ which have tons of OS libs built-in. You can call them directly from Flash's AS2 or AS3.

I hope my this first post in Arduino forums helps :)

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I too am long time Flash Dev... never really made the jump to AS3 though..

anyways.. you can also use WAMP server and some simple PHP script to forward the data to the Serial Port.

I posted a thread with demo files here:


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