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Hello all,

I am new to this forum, and in fact new to arduino altogether.
I have a project planned but have really no expertise in arduino code, I have a fair understanding of electronics but not great.
My plan involves controlling a load of LEDs (up to 150 groups) individually, I would want to time when, how long, and how bright the leds would come on for.
There will only be 4 seperate lighting patterns which I hope will simplify things somewhat, hopefully just main commands)
the Leds I will be using will be cut from a 12v strip or 'ribbon' of 300 5630 leds cut into groups of 3 (so 1 channel = 3 leds)
I may not need any sensors in this project for so everything can be time controlled (apart from a start sequence trigger) but at some stage I may want to alter this to a signal triggering each of the 4 stages.

I found this Tutorial: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/LEDDriver
which looks very useful but as I said I have no expertise really and very limited time to learn.
Is there anyone that can help me?
If someone can help me set this up successfully I be happy to pay for the work via Paypal, I would explain in more detail and exactly what I need.
I think I would only require the code but if someone could help explain a few details about the construction such as 'daisychaining' this may help me greatly.




This should be posted in Gigs and Collaborations - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,26.0.html


1. Producing code for this depends a lot on the hardware. Can you give more detail?

2. What do you mean by groups? Would for example all the leds in a group be on /off at the same time.

3. What do you mean by channel as in " the Leds I will be using will be cut from a 12v strip or 'ribbon' of 300 5630 leds cut into groups of 3 (so 1 channel = 3 leds)". How do channels fit into groups?

4. Is 5630 the led type?

5. Are the leds 12v or 5v I think you mean 12v which does make a big cost differance.


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