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Jun 29, 2016, 06:51 pm Last Edit: Jun 29, 2016, 07:16 pm by technix
We all know that Arduino Uno is the "small" 22-pin format and the Mega 2560 takes the "large" 72-pin format. (I'm talking I/O pins) Now I wonder if a few medium-sized formats can make sense.

Über-Uno Format: 32-pin format (sized between Uno and Mega, with top row headers arranged as 10-8-4 pins and bottom row 8-8-4) - this is probably a good size for 40/44/48 pin parts like ATmega1284, PIC24FV32KA304 or STM32F103CB.

Sub-Mega Format: 56-pin format (Mega-sized, but using single-row 18-pin headers instead of double-row 36-pin headers at the far end of the board from the USB port, fit to the inner row of the above header) - I think this would be a good format for 64-pin parts like ATmega128A and ATmega2561. Atmel's 64-pin parts have a weird programming arrangement (using UART0 TX/RX as MISO and MOSI) so the separation of programming and SPI headers are probably required here. Another chip that can benefit from this format is STM32F103RG (1M Flash! Still 96K SRAM though...)

Über-Mega format: 114-pin format (Slightly wider board than Mega, uses double-rowed top and bottom pin headers except the power pins.) - this format is big enough to export all pins on a 144-pin part like ATSAM3X8E (A new Due please, using this format?) or STM32F103ZG.

I actually do have a few ATmega128 chips so maybe I can start designing the Sub-Mega 128A board now. Anyone want to get one and play with it?


Why push the 32 IO boards to be a lot larger? I'd prefer keeping it more Uno size.
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22-pin Uno is a strict subset of 32-pin Über-Uno, which is a strict subset of 56-pin Sub-Mega, which is a strict subset of 72-pin Mega, which is a strict subset of 114-pin Über-Mega.

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