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This thread has become an excellent resource, so thank you to all who have contributed.

Can anyone report on their experience using the assembly services of any of the above (or any service not already mentioned, for that matter)?
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The companies that we used were quite good.  But you have to make sure you specify EVERYTHING exactly as you want it.  Also unless you are dealing with large quantities you will need to supply your own parts.  You should however do this for any specialty high value parts.  (We post the sensors we use out as they are hellish expensive) If you do this you know they are yours.

I think you can buy it from Shenzhen China,because there are lots of PCB companies and the price is reasonable,so you can have try it. I've been getting most of my recent boards from these site :http://www.goldphoenixpcb.com ,http://www.wonderfulpcb.com


I second OSH Park for PCB fabrication. For the most part, I am still in the "cooked to order" business phase. I get stencils from OSH Stencils and manually pick-and-place and use a homebrew reflow oven (not too ironic that I sell toaster oven reflow conversion kits).

I have toyed with the idea of getting a run of product from Small Batch Assembly. They don't fab boards, but it appears that the interface between OSH Park's medium run service and their assembly service would work out nicely (you'd be having them populate ten panels). Also, they have an inventory of common parts in stock that you don't need to supply (you get something akin to DigiKey's T&R price per unit). Everything else you either send them as cut tape or a reel (they return any excess).


Hi, There are lots of company provide the services of PCB assembly. But if you are searching reliable and affordable PCB assembly services so I will recommend you to take the services of http://www.dferrantielectronics.co.uk/ and this company definitely give you perfect solution according to your need

..Can anyone report on their experience using the assembly services of any of the above (or any service not already mentioned, for that matter)?

I used the PCBA turnkey solution from http://www.nexpcb.com
, located in China,  include PCB Fabrication, Components, assembly and free-shipping.  Please refer to one of customer stories - Apitronics Wireless Platform


Hi All, A-TECH CIRCUITS offer both PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly service, small-run PCB assembly is also available, it could be one of good choices if you have request.


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The best option i think would be choosing a company with both PCB and PCB assembly capabilities.
And for producing PCBs it is simple that you pass on your Gerber files, when you want additionally PCB assembly services, simply pass on your BOM list, with all the assembly components inside.
The start up quantity various from company to company, so you just have to discuss with them. And of course everybody is looking for a long term partnership.
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Hi, you can try www.huaswin.com

Huasiwn supply one-stop facility for your products: PCB design, PCB fabrication, components procurement, SMT and DIP assembly ,IC pre-programming / burning on-line, prototype and mass production.

PCB includes: Rigid PCB (1 to 30 layers),  Flexible PCB: up to 10 layers,  Rigid-Flex: up to 6 layers.

offering lowest price, high quality and on time dleivery and very nice after sales service.

contact: vicky@huaswin.com


I know that Hampoo Electornics based in China provides small and medium run pcb service. To get a instant quote, please click http://ems.hampoo.com
<a href="http://ems.hampoo.com" title="Hampoo">Hampoo</a>. China leading printed circuit board manufacturer and EMS provider.

custom PCB manufacture and assembly for prototype and middle run at www.custompcbboards.ccom
Agile Circuit Co., Ltd aims to be an effective and efficient source of PCB for electronic industry! www.agipcb.com

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