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I use a PCA Corp (http://pcacorporation.com/) in Bellevue WA. They charge $300 for the stencil (and presumably programming, although that's not broken out) and board cost is dependent on complexity. You need to negotiate to get the best prices out of them, but it's usually $5-$10 per board for all SMT in quantities 100 - 300. Through hole assembly costs more, because it requires more hand work. They aren't the cheapest, but their quality is excellent. IME, their yield even with QFNs and similarly difficult components is 100%. I haven't used them for BGA work, because I avoid BGAs like the plague.


I use a company in china for my assembly.  They charge me about $6 per board and a setup cost of about $250.  That includes the manufacture of the PCB as well. 
Good quality boards.  Shipping to the UK normally costs me about £35
The contact email is


Another choice from China

  Agile Circuit Co., Ltd     sales@agipcb.com
Agile Circuit Co., Ltd aims to be an effective and efficient source of PCB for electronic industry! www.agipcb.com


I think that Elecrow is a good choice.
They don't only provide PCB fabricate service without charge extra fees for color options,
they also provide PCB Assembly service.

Hope you find this useful.


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They provide a free PCB software.  I think the minimum for a 2-layer board is like $33 with 4 board minimum.   But double check me on that.

I happened across another someone else mentioned elsewhere:

Working on instrumentation amplifier for experimental rocketry to measure thrust and chamber pressure.  Could be used where instrumentation

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