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Keeping track of who "liked" who, when each "like" was given, which particular reply "triggered" the "like" and a comment for each "like", plus displaying a list of all "likes" in user's profile page is not as simple as keeping a "karma counter".
Implementing all this might not a big deal either, but given the number of users, messages and posts in this forum I guess even a small increase in php and sql load could add significantly to the overall server load.

Just thinking out loud...  :)


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If you did keep track of all that, it would be a bigger load. I can see that.

The MT forum doesn't store any of that, just the karma count. Just like here now. But before it will increment the karma count on a user, it sends a PM to the recipient from the sender with that info, but none stored permanently in the database, except in that one PM. You may delete that from your inbox if you like.

edit: The "Give karma" there is a two step process. You click the link in the topic, and you get another page with a  form (message box) and a "Give karma" submit button.

Like I said, it isn't like YouTube.


I gave you a Karma and I think you deserve it. Whether is is to easy or not depends on how much value you think a karma is worth. I see it indeed as a "I like that post -and I can't remember you annoying me lately"

"I like"  ]:D the 2 step process you mention. It strengthens the positive message and it allows the receiver to understand what (s)he did which was appreciated.
The current Karma implementation does not even allow the karma receiver to know which action triggered the sender.

Technically speaking I think any implementation of a 2 step process will have some load consequences.
For instance the extra mails being send (which do not get cleaned up).

But he;  don't we all like increasing scores  :D?
So I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Best regards
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But hey  don't we all like increasing scores  smiley-grin?

...I have to seriously think about opening a bunch of fake accounts just to increase my karma  ]:D


There is one to get you started!  :D

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