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This sensor is fixed to the frame just next to the pulley and pulley has a small round magnet fixed to it.  Is it some kind of hall effect sensor? And what are the chances that it may go bad?  It controls the speed of the motor and the problem I am facing is the speed fluctuation.  Not sure if this sensor is the contributor to the problem or something else.  Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.


A sensor that has a magnet moving past almost certainly is a hall effect sensor.  I would think that they are very reliable and would be looking for loose connections rather than questioning the sensor.  Or you can hook a batter powered Arduino to it and take readings and see what it looks like.  If this is a car part, a messed up sensor would be easy enough to fix as the part is certainly available.  I bet it isn't that easy.
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And its easy to check if its a magnet on the wheel, just test with a steel screwdriver (while its stationary!!!)

There might be loose connections, the sensor-wheel spacing might have increased, magnet got weaker, water got into the sensor body (or it could easily be something else not related to the sensor).  Good luck.
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I take it that the unit is a running machine.  Chances are that the sensor is a simple reed switch.


Yes, Its a treadmill and sensor has only two wires.  Is it a reed switch?

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