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I'm using l293d for my stepper driver
link for circuit:
(using 2 pin controller)

and using Gcodesender for my software.
link for gcodesender:

the problem is when i key in some code, the stepper would have sound but no moving. this happen when i not using power supply(12v) to my driver. it could be not enough current. But, when i connect the power supply to driver. the massage " A device attached to the system is not functioning" appear and stepper not function at all.

hope some one can help regarding this issue.



Could be a power issue.
What is the stepper motor rated for and how many amps does your power supply provide?

If you're using l293d you'll only be able to operate small steppers. are they connected to a load?

Have you checked that all pins are properly connected?

Have you tried running the motors  from the serial monitor by using the stepper library?

What G-code interpreter are you using?
One more thing  check the  limiter switches  if you haven't any connected  try reassigning the pins for them.


Yeah, L293s are only rated for 600mA current loads, which means small
steppers motors.

Also, where exactly does this message appear, "A device attached to the system
is not functioning"? This sounds like a PC problem, not stepper problem. The
stepper control circuit is simple open-loop, so I don't see how the Arduino software
could even know the stepper is not functioning.


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Quote from: oric_dan(333) link=topic=123352.msg928948#msg928948

Also, where exactly does this message appear, "A device attached to the system
is not functioning"? This sounds like a PC problem, not stepper problem.

At a guess, either the operating system or the Gcodesender application are complaining that the Arduino has provoked an error on the USB interface. Without a wiring diagram it's pointless trying to guess why connecting the power supply would cause that.
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Hi, You are switching power, and you may well have Electromagnetic Interference problems of various types.

Some INFO on the ArduinoInfo WIKI here - http://arduinoinfo.info   http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/RelayIsolation
That is a place to start thinking about wiring, grounding etc.

The message you got sounds like Arduino is crashing.  I think you will need to power Arduino from a separate 9V supply etc.. 
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tq for all reply,

currently i just change other program, which is pronterface.

i can connect the arduino to program, but my motor not moving(only sound)

it could be problem on firmware.

someone can help regarding this issue? i'm not good in programmer..



how does the two pin configuration work for the l293d? i'm trying to build a simillar project with three of these chips and using a 4 pin configurations leaves me with almost no pins left on my arduino.


You are asking a question on a very old Thread.

If you want to drive some sort of CNC device you should use proper stepper motor driver boards such as the Pololu A4988. They only need 2 connections to the Arduino and have many other benefits.


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