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Thanks for reading, I am fairly new to Arduino, and have a few questions.... I want to find the best distance sensor for a particular project which involves mounting the sensor on a bicycle and measure the distance between the bicycle and other vehicles passing by. Speed range of the other vehicles would be up to 70 km/h. I am not sure what kind of distance sensor would give the most accurate data for this kind of application. I am planning to collect from 10-20 readings per second... Also a link to some type of tutorial for the proposed sensor or similar project would be appreciated...

Thank you for reading, and hope to hear from you soon...


Though speed of the object is a significant consideration, a more important one will be the range of distances you want to detect the other vehicles.  Since will be dealing with automobiles traveling at 70 km/h, I doubt the minimum range would need to be less than 10 cm. ;)  However, you would still need to to determine the maximum detection range you want. 


I am sorry, I forgot to post the range. It is from 30 cm to 500 cm.


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