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Hello this is Scott from MaxBotix Inc. 

I noticed that you were looking for recommendations on tank level sensors.  We have a great sensor that is proven to work great in the application you have described.  You can see our tank test by clicking this link.  I would recommend testing MB7360 ultrasonic sensor.  This sensor features 1-mm resolution that is temperature, target size, and voltage compensation that ensures you receive the best results.  The MB7360 has the same form factor as the LV-MaxSonar-WR1 that you linked earlier.

I am glad to assist you with any other questions you may have.  If you have any, please email me at scott@maxbotix.com. Good luck on your project. 

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The air pressure sensor seems like the best solution to me. All you have to do is put a small water-proof bag at the end of an air tube and fasten the bag flat to the bottom of the tank. The water pressure will compress the air in the bag and pressurize the tube to the same pressure as the water. The air in the tube stays dry. The inside of the pressure sensor stays dry. Mount the pressure sensor outside the tank and it stays dry, too.



The simplest depth sensor is using a tube sealed on one end, you connect an air pressure source ( hand pump etc... ) to the tube. Put air into the tube so that it just starts to bubble out the bottom of the tube, the air pressure required to displace this water will be the same pressure exerted by the height of water column displaced... Convert to height, calculate volume, the Freescale mpx10pd would measure approx 5ft of water depth.

Sorry it's not ultrasonic but this style of depth measurement is very common in industry!


Another method you can think of measuring the water level is capacitive sensor method.  Capacitance will increase proportional to the water level.  You can use capsense library from arduino play ground for the same.

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