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Coding Badly

It's not a problem to use the capacitor, but it's a little hassle to get it to contact into the headers good or otherwise jumper it from a breadboard.

Arc the pins so the capacitor hangs over the middle of the board.  If you always use the same capacitor arcing the pins also helps to ensure the capacitor is connected the correct way around.

It appears that avrdude does not invoke the auto-reset when using the stk500v1 protocol to the Uno R3 or Mega2560 R3.

Huh.  So it doesn't.  I wonder if that changed or if I have been a dumb-ass.

So the reset capacitor really doesn't do anything in this case, except for going into Serial Monitor.

Beats waiting 10 seconds.

Thoughts on moving Serial Relay to Serial1?


Thoughts on moving Serial Relay to Serial1?

Serial1 works fine for me.  Will it complicate things to allow it on MISO as an option?


Hi All,

Does anyone know if this can be used with something else that uses the MISO/MOSI? I need to debug an ATTiny84 connected to an NRF24L01+ transmitter, but I just get knock bang faults when trying to debug. I assume its conflicting on the MISO/MOSI pins.

Is there an alternative? Can the TinyDebugKnockBang use a different pin? (I understand I would have to move the pin once the programming is done, but its better than no debug!)



Coding Badly


Can the TinyDebugKnockBang use a different pin?


The pin assignment for the ATtiny84 is here...

Or, you could assign values to the KBS_* macros at an earlier point in the compilation...

On the TinyISP side, enable RELAY_KNOCK_BANG_USE_ALTERNATE_PIN in _TinyISP_BuildOptions.h ...

The alternate pins on 328 processors is digital pin 7 (PD7)...


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Hi, I´m currently trying to get Tiny Debug Knock-Bang to work with my Attiny 85 @ 8mhz. I followed the guide from page 2 #33 and succeeded in getting Serial Monitor response to "!" . Then i followed on to the Knock-Bang debug but i cant get it to work even though my baud rate in Serial Monitor was set to 19200. When the capacitor between gnd and reset isnt set my arduino (328 nano) led blinks every time i change the baud rate in the monitor. Totally have no clue what is going on, i can compile the example sketch and upload it but i can´t read my tiny :( I even tried it with 1 mhz makes no difference.
The only option i have left is using Serial and switching pins all the time but it works.

Now i´ve gotten a way bigger problem, flashed following sketch :

Code: [Select]

void setup(){
  pinMode( A1, INPUT );  //PB2 (ADC1) 

void loop(){

Now my nano led keeps blinking all the time, the analog read on the CLK pin on the tiny seems to mess up with tinyISP, i can´t upload any more and getting sync errors ( i can see it is being initialized RX/TX on nano blinking shortly). I just need to "reset" or overwrite the progmem of the tiny. What are my options here ?

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