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Hello forum,

Am just interested about what 16 bit LED drivers you all use? Do you prefer i2c or SPI? I have never used 12c or SPI before and am trying to get a bit of background on the most commonly used LED drivers around here. If i choose one that is used alot around here i may have a better chance on getting it to work.

Many thanks.


TPIC6B595, with SPI
Use 2 for 16 bit

Also look at TLC5940 & WS2803
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If you don't mind soldering SMD components, I have used the TLC5947, and am about to start playing with the TLC5951 as well.


Thanks I will have a look. SMD soldering is my job so that's not a problem lol. The chip I was looking at can also be used as i/o expander but is optimised for LEDs with brightness control.

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