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Hi there!

I would like to know what resources are being used by the libraries I include in my sketch so they don´t interfere wit each other.

For example I would like to know if timer "n" is being used by any library or if it´s available for me to use.

Is there any way to get a summary of the resources used by each library and core functions?

Thanks a lot!


Browse/grep the library's code, usually this yields useful information and caveats that are there in the comments, but you can always search/grep strings like 'TCCR', 'ISR' if in a hurry.  Don't assume web documentation matches the version you have, go to the horse's mouth.
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Thanks! That´s what I´ve been doing but sometimes it´s quite frustrating :P


Indeed - if there were a standard repository for libraries where such information was recorded on a standard header page, it would be great.  Ditto for information on shields and pins.  The main obstacle is the wide variety of libraries and hardware out there in the Arduino ecosystem built by lots of different people and companies - many are added to the Playground Wiki http://arduino.cc/playground/, but its rather too informal at the moment - but is probably the place to start attacking this issue.
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Nick Gammon

Is there any way to get a summary of the resources used by each library and core functions?

No, I don't believe the library authors provide such a thing. And indeed some libraries can clash, particularly if they use timers, pin change interrupts, or indeed, any interrupts. Or for that matter, any pins at all.

Ditto for information on shields and pins.

You are in luck there, to an extent. Some sites do summarize shields and pins.

Example:  http://www.shieldlist.org/
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More info:


Some like Henning Karlsen (UTFT) and Mikal Hart (Tiny GPS) provide a summary of available functions and a brief summary of the details... Great tools to work with too, both lib's.
Many don't at all.

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