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Ok, so I got some parts from mouser today. IDC crimp on connectors and alligator clip leds.
Approx. 1" thick.
And it comes in this 10" deep box, 12"wide, 18" long, wrapped in 2160 cubic inches of antistatic bubble wrap. Amazing.
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we got what amounted to 5 foot of weed-eater line from mcmaster-car in a 8x8x8 (foot long) box the other day

idiots today


Yeah, I got 10 ATMEGA chips from Mouser in a box almost big enough to put a lap top in... Shipping was paid by the receiver. I also got a couple of Chinese shields packed in an envelope with a wrap of bubble pack with half the pins bent over... Shipping paid by the sender. Oh well...


I bought $150 ( I think it was ) worth of chips from Mouser to qualify for worldwide free shipping,  but I still had to pay about $30 handling fee this end ( South Africa ) to get that same size box as your photo.
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I had one stick of SODIMM ram arrive in a package just like that, from Newegg. It was in retail packaging, which was the size of a deck of cards, wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a box that was roughly 12" x 16" x 12".


Last time I ordered 100 ATMEGA328P-PU, they shipped in proper packaging. It's a long box but small cross section to fit those IC tubes. I still have those empty tubes. Boffin1, why did you get free intl shipping? That order I paid over $300 for just half way across the country and I thought I paid shipping.
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For about the same reason I acquired a digital scale. Say if a package I am shipping is going to be 8.1oz with proper packing, I just give it more wraps until it gets close to 9 oz but still stay below 9oz. I ship most times in bubble mailers and then a bubble wrap and then a baggie with parts.

BTW, since there is such a thing called a filler (say $0.99 paper clip to make total order >$50 for free shipping or something), did anyone receive a box only with a filler in it? I did once. Waste of resources.
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