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The best thing i could find is

im looking to build a pwm motor speed controller

I would like to do this with a digital pot. however im not picky if an analog pot must be used im fine with that too.
this is just a project im working on. ive got no experience major with this yet. but before i get in to something more exciting id like to learn something that seems easy.

BTW. also not looking for anyone to tell me how. just point me in the right directions.

Thank you


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Might need some more info. Want the motor to just go one direction and you control speed or you looking to have it be bi-directional?

If one direction see what you can do with this line

Code: [Select]
// map the speed controller output from the 10 bit input to a pwm output of 8 bits
speedOut = map(analogRead(A0), 0, 1023, 0, 255);


It's not clear how you plan on using the digital pot, but if your intention is to use it to limit the current to the motor then you should be aware that digital pots aren't designed for more than a milliamp or so.


yes one direction is all im really looking for. and im more so looking to adjust the voltage from 1 to 10 v in increments of .1 im looking at the buttion example for this.

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