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Hi everyone, an arduino newbie over here. I have problem to get a library and tutorial to connect my keypad, LCD Display and arduino. Im using arduino Mega and a 12 button keypad .Could anyone please tell me the type or code of the keypad or any tutorial and library that I can use to connect the three things (Arduino, keypad and LCD display)? I have attached the links of the components below .Thank you .



Hi everyone ,I would like to rephrase my question Im asking for a example and how to connect  the LCD and Keypad together and then connect to Arduino Mega .I can find the library example of keypad and LCD separately but i need to connect them tgt so im not so sure .


I don't understand what you mean. You don't connect the LCD and Keypad together. You connect both to the Mega. There are plenty of pins available. Just change the pins to the ones that you use.


I  can connect the key pad with arduino and i can connect the lcd with arduino separately but i cant seem to merge the link between the keypad and lcd together ,as my program required me to set some settings by  pressing buttons on the keypad and making the value appear on the lcd .

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