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I am using Adafruits ST7565 lcd library and I wanted to know how use the Partial Update feature, it seems to be mentioned a few times in the library but I cant figure it out.

What I have is

Code: [Select]
glcd.drawchar(102, 0, battString0);
glcd.drawchar(107, 0, battString1);
glcd.drawchar(112, 0, battString2);
glcd.drawchar(117, 0, battString3);
glcd.drawchar(122, 0, battString4);
updateBoundingBox(102, 0, 127, 1);

but that doesn't work
I get
Code: [Select]
Current_Working_2_9_12:1519: error: 'updateBoundingBox' was not declared in this scope


Shouldnt it be:

glcd.updateBoundingBox(102, 0, 127, 1);

Or am I missing something here? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe that would explain the 'not declared in this scope' error.


Apparently not

I get
Code: [Select]

Current_Working_2_9_12.cpp: In function 'long unsigned int LCDBattery()':
Current_Working_2_9_12:1524: error: 'class ST7565' has no member named 'updateBoundingBox'

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