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I will be very thankful if you can help me out.
I own Arduino Leonardo.
I attached the usb host shield (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9628) to the Leonardo.

I changed the QC code so it will start to transmit only if the serial is ready:
Serial.begin( 115200 );
  while (!Serial) ;

I got the following message:

Circuits At Home 2011
USB Host Shield Quality Control Routine
Reading REVISION register... Die revision invalid. Value returned: FF
Unrecoverable error - test halted!!
0x55 pattern is transmitted via SPI
Press RESET to restart test

the board is turned on, led is on.
first time trying arduino.
I have lot of experience with AVR mcu's.


Try this instead if you want to sit in one place waiting for a byte to come in:
Code: [Select]

while (Serial.available() == 0) ;
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Thanks for the tip :)

I try the link between D7 and RST and no success.


@CrossRoads: The

Code: [Select]
while (!Serial);

is for the Leonardo and wait for the USB code to register and come up (having the USB serial device ready), not waiting for a character to arrive.

@OP: This shield does not work with the Leonardo because the Leonardo doesn't have the SPI lines on pin 10, 11, 12 and 13 but only on the ICSP header. You can try to modify the shield to change that.


Thanks folks. I wasted a few hours this afternoon with the same problem. I guess our only option would be to cut out the legs connecting 10,11,12,13 between the boards and jumpering the SPI lines from the Leonardo? That's kinda awkward....

I wish there was more information about compatibility - I would have bought a different Arduino.

Appreciate any other suggestions.



the TransmogriShield will transform your beloved classic shields into Leonardo-compatible shields


Thanks. I looked at their drawing (Transmog-Shield-v01.pdf), and rather than ordering one I decided to make the mod myself.

I cut the legs off D11, D12, D13 on my header to the USB Host Shield and jumpered in from the ISP header SCK (ISP pin 3 to D13), MOSI (ISP pin 4 to D11), MISO (ISP pin 5 to D12).

It works perfectly now. I appreciate you pointing me to this.


Hi all, for those who still don't get it to work properly I have written a tiny guide on how to get the Sparkfun USB Host shield to work with Leonardo (attached here) that might clarify some things, this setup worked out well for me


is it possible to read/write to a pendrive using the leonardo and a usb host shield with the connections mentioned above?? if yes den how should i proceed with it??

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