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Topic: Arduino UNO vs Arduino Leonardo - Pin/Interupt/Clocks, etc.. (Read 651 times) previous topic - next topic



Im new to arduino, and i been using the UNO without issues. I done much crazy prototyping, from color sensing, to OpAmp IR proximity to KnightRider led drivers and ShiftRegistering, And full servo control and so on.


When i tried my Leonardo, MANY times, things just DID NOT work???
In some cases i learned it had todo with the Interupts. At other cases (when i am unaware) i just have no clue why things dont work.

I beleiving quite recently, i made the KnightRider with the LED driver TLC5940 and from what it looked like it it seemed to be a timing issue. Theres a GCLK and SCLK line, and both start counting when i move my hand besides the wire???? do i remove my hand nothing happens. As if its using the wire as a antenna.

With my uno however. The thing just works. And it (as it should be) is ignorant to electrostatic or megnatic induction from a human hand.

Before we say i fried my Leonardo. Please note that, whatever i did on the Leonardo. I either did first on the UNO, or, at least ALSO did on the uno, in the same manner.
In other words. If i where to have fried my Leonardo. I would more defently have also fried the Uno. And from the looks of it, I have not fried my Uno. So i am assuming, have not friend the Leonardo either.

Leaves me with the hammering question. What on earth is wrong with the Leonardo? It seems to be a completely different product, and Arduino Uno stuff, just doesnt work on it. (Pin layouts, and so on)

What am i missing? (again; im a newb)



I found this article on the Leonardo. Seems things are done differently then?

Does someone want to explain to me what i missed? Whats the big deal here between the UNO and Leonardo?


Wow. For the next person to run into this. WHY THIS NOT ON THE ARDUINO WEBSITE????!!!!!!


Had to find my infos here. This should be on the Leonardo Homepage on Arduino.cc!


Since you don't say how your TLC5940 is connected I can only guess that you are having problems because you are using SPI and the SPI pins on the Leonardo are different from the SPI pins on the UNO.

If you look at the SPI library reference you will see a chart showing the SPI pins for each device, including the Leonardo.
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