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Morning all.

I have this problem with two UNO boards now. Both have been working fine, then have died on me with this error after being in circuit.

When I hit upload, the code compiles, the board resets and the RX light flashes. I have nothing from the TX light.

I have tried different ATMega chips (also with the arduino bootloader already burnt).

Any suggestions before I go out and buy (yet another) UNO board?

Edit: Just tried the loopback test. It works correctly on one board, however the other echos back garbage.


Try this, it sounds exactly the same error I had.


That is how I solved it.


Thanks for the reply,

I've checked that out, but unfortunately no luck. I've ordered (yet another!) UNO anyway. The boards will still run a pre-programmed chip so I can probably use them as a semi-permanent project platform.


Hi therecklessengineer,
I am having similar problem. Let me know if you find a way to fix your problem.


here's a possible solution:

I was getting this exact error.  I also tried the solution that involves pressing the reset button during power-up and releasing during the upload and that didn't work for me either.

My clue is that I had just previously used my USBtiny avr programmer to write a bootloader directly to the chip, the atmega328P.  that is, I pulled the chip from the arduino and used my programmer to write a bootloader with avrdude, bypassing the arduino IDE. After that the 'L' LED blinked as expected, so I thought it was good, but I got this error message and couldn't upload sketches.  So, I theorized that I had selected the wrong bootloader file.

I used the my programmer again to give it a bootloader, but this time I left the atmega chip in the arduino, connected my programmer to the arduino board, and used the arduino IDE to "Burn Bootloader."  It burned it successfully.  I disconnected my programmer, connected my UNO to the usb port and successfully uploaded the example blink sketch.

I followed these instructions to connect my programmer to the arduino:

Again, I think the reason it worked this time I let the Arduino IDE select the bootloader file...  and it did a better job than I did.


Hi all!

My problem is the same..
But i know the port is good and the board type too..
The bootloader is good too coz the 13 pin is on..
The loop back test worked too soo i dont know what i should to do...
Any Idea?


As this item comes up as one of the first google items for "stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding", I'll add some info to this old thread that may help.

I posted this solution using a USBasp to refresh the bootloader:


see also:


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