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Hi.  i recently built a geeetech prusa I3 PRO B.

Everything was going well, had it working through repetier host.

until i downloaded arduino.  Only made the basic changes, checked it and uploaded to printer.  The arduino went a bit crazy with lights and the lcd made a long, loud noise and is now just backlit with, black boxes (doesnt look promising).

kept giving error messages in repetier host and manual control doesn't work, just says "command waiting".

uploaded the "blink" code on arduino.  it worked fine.
re-loaded the first code again that i modified slightly and although the arduino and lcd are no longer making noise and flashing there is still no display.

repetier host no longer has errors but it still wont connect properly (doesnt have the usual connection log).

I cant for the life of me figure out whats wrong.  is the arduino fried? computer still sees it and it accepts uploads.

  P.S     there was one instruction that i couldnt find so didnt change, apparently in pins.h i sould be able to enable "#define RAMPS_V_1_4"

If there is any other information that might help, please let me know.


Get the original firmware your printer was flashed with, and test it with that.
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Sounds like the firmware you uploaded to your printer was not configured properly for your printer.  Get the pre-configured firmware from GeeeTech.  


Follow the link that says "download firmware here".
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thanks guys.  That would make a lot of sense.  Not sure how to get the original software.

tried the link you provided.  I think I had the wrong marlin.

I have downloaded these now.

"5) Firmware for I3 pro&proB

I3 pro&proB(GT2560)

    (299.21 KiB) Downloaded 1953 times

I3 pro&proB(ramps)

    (229.7 KiB) Downloaded 518 times

I3 pro&proB(sanguinololu)

    (229.88 KiB) Downloaded 482 times"

without luck the first one made no change and the other two don't seem to have the marlin script on them.

is the first one the the one i want?


I finally got it all back, using that first zip file.  I think where i was running into trouble is "motherboard"  i thought i had to change it, when left alone as "ultimaker" its all worked for me.

I did have the wrong marlin originally though.

you guys so totally rock, thanks again!


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