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Primary focus is on the black square or rectangle to the right of the USB socket.  If it is rectangular with pins on both sides, it is FTDI.  If it is a square it is either an Atmega8u2 or Atmega16u2.

My Uno looks like

The chip to the right of the USB socket is square, so I don't need the FTDI Drivers, I'm assuming.

Thanks for the continued assistance.


Do you have a USB hub handy (thingy that plugs into the USB and splits off 3 or 4 other ports)?  I am not sure how the MacOS handles the Hub, but with Windoze, it assigns another device and starts the installation process again.  Make sure you have proper permissions (User Account with Admin rights).


I solved this problem by selecting a different board. I have an Uno R3 Plus. However, it is an OEM board which means different chips. I was able to get it to work by selecting the Duemilanove ATmega328. works fine now.

Thanks, that solved the problem for my Arduino Uno R3 + Mac combination!


My problem was that I previously installed the FTDI drivers on my MAC even though I was working with an Arduino Mega (Which does not need those drivers) . Apparently  the arduino program was using those drivers to communicate with my Mega that is why in Tools-Port I had tty-USBSerialxxx. I uninstalled those drivers and I got tty.usbmodem1411. My arduino MEGA ran perfectly fine. I hope this helps :)

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