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So I have a standard DC motor that I pulled from something some years ago. I don't know the specs on the thing but if i plug it into my arduino uno's 5V+ and GND- it runs just fine. So I wrote a simple code to upload to my ATTINY and see if I could control it. So far I haven't even tried PWM with it.

This is the code I wrote:

//ATtiny85 motor controller

const int motorForward = 1;

void setup()
  pinMode(motorForward, OUTPUT);   

void loop() {
    digitalWrite(motorForward, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(motorForward, LOW);


So to my understanding it should run the motor for one second and then rest for one second if I have 1 of the motor's leads grounded and the other lead plugged into pin 1 on the ATTINY85 with the ATINY powered. Unfortunatley this is not the case and instead it will not turn my motor at all. Any reasons why?


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Any reasons why?

Yes, your processor cannot drive a DC motor directly.
Don't even try.
Use a transistor.

If you go over to the Playground, you should find lots of examples of how to do this and what to use.
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