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hi, iam very very green and would really appreciate any help at all !!
My plan seems simple but i just cant seem to get it to work.

i want to use these proximity sensors (www.oceancontrols.com.au/datasheet/ibe/IBx-xxx_datasheet.pdf)
to trigger audio clips in Live using the maxuino & the mega 2560.

just not sure how to setup maxuino or live?

do i need to add the mega as a midi input? 
and how can i map the incoming signal to trigger the clips?

the proximity sensors need 10v, and send out a ?200mA
i found someone who has used something around about the same and they say to put;

27k resistor from sensor output to Arduino input pin
10k resistor from Arduino input pin to ground 

what do you think?

Here are the particulars:

Arduino MEGA AT mega 2560
IBEST proximity sensors cps-12n04b

cant seem to find any info on how to config this

thank you in advance !!!!!

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