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Hello, this is my first post.
I want to create something that generates an image with depth instead of color.
If I stand an XY table vertically and attach an ultrasonic sensor at the head, then I could scan each "pixel" at a time.
Does anyone have any recommendations how to do this? Or, is even there a better way to do this?  The setting will be outside during the day, so sensors that require darkness won't be useful.

* I'm trying to keep this under $100. I can use the spare parts of old printers and electronics.



What's the maximum distance you're interested in 'seeing' ?

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Probably around 3 feet. And, The scanner's head should move around  at least   3ft x 3ft (width x height).


What sort of depth resolution do you need?

You can get 'Pencil-beam' (15 degree beam width) ultrasonic transducers (like http://www.robotshop.com/devantech-srf235-pencil-beam-range-1.html), but they aren't cheap. The distance range is 10cm to 120cm.


If necessary, I can always move the table closer or farther back depending on whatever scanning head. Although, the pencil beam ultrasonic is pretty cool. I will be smoothing the "image" then comparing and combining to several color images from different perspectives, so a very precise resolution will matter less. I think if it can be correct within an inch or two, then I'll be very happy.


It is probably a greater range then you need but for $25 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10547? or any of the other Maxbotix sensors work quite nicely with great accuracy - up to 6.45 meters.The program on the Arduino lesson page works perfectly with it


You could do this with a USB camera and a laser that generates a line. And a computer ;)


It's a bit of math and programming but the technique is obviously quite accurate.

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